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Chiropractor Amherst for Family Care

Begin the Healing Process at Spurback Family Chiropractic

Chiropractor Amherst NY

Dr. Jodi Spurback

Amherst chiropractor Dr. Jodi Spurback believes the body comes equipped to heal itself and that chiropractic care is the only way to keep the body free from nerve interference or subluxation. When the body, specifically the nervous system, becomes over loaded with everyday traumas, toxins and thoughts, the body becomes subluxated. This is where the process of disease and discomfort starts.

At Spurback Family Chiropractic, our job is to detect where your spine is subluxated and make the correction to free the communication of the nervous system and allow the healing process to begin. All of a sudden, symptoms and sleep improve, and your digestion works better, along with every function of your body.

Chiropractic Heals the Body

Chiropractic is so much more than “feeling better” or “getting the kinks out.” Chiropractic heals the body. When the brain and spinal cord are free to communicate the messages of healing to the body, health is restored and anything is possible. A chiropractic adjustment is the only way to restore that communication.

How wonderfully made is the body to come with it’s own inborn healing system! We are blessed to see big things happen in our office, with healing to our patients and are thankful to be able to perform adjustments and improve lives.

What Makes Us Different

By doing a thorough exam that includes X-rays and a nervous system Scan, it allows us to properly diagnose the problem and help us to best know how to treat you. With the diagnostic tools we use, adjustments are customized to your specific needs and we take our time with you to explain what we have found and how we will best treat you.

We treat everyone at Spurback Family Chiropractic with the utmost care and respect. Our office setting is comfortable and laid back, yet professional and private. We invite you to get in touch with our chiropractor Amherst today; we’re eager to meet you!

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