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About Us

Born and raised in Western New York, Dr. Jodi Spurback started Spurback Family Chiropractic in 2003 in Amherst, NY. Dr. Jodi loves people and her community and feels the best way to serve them is by helping to create a healthy population.

Health Comes From the Inside Out

Waiting room at Spurback Family ChiropracticBy providing chiropractic care and educating our patients and the public of its many benefits, we believe we can make our community a better place. We believe there is no one too young or too old to gain better health through the power of chiropractic. It is our mission to always tell the truth about the benefits of chiropractic and to provide a safe, comfortable environment for patients to share their health concerns.

At Spurback Family Chiropractic, we primarily focus on family care. Our patients range from two days old all the way up to 94! We focus on caring for people who come in with a specific injury or symptom and for those seeking to take their health to the next level.

Our hope for our patients is that they feel our office is a safe place to share the concerns of their health and trust us to provide them with the means to achieve overall better health through their care at Spurback Family Chiropractic. Dr. Jodi Spurback

Restored Life with Chiropractic

A new patient had come into our office with head and neck pain that had been going on for just under 20 years. Through this time they had been placed on several medications that had created more symptoms and then led to more medications being used. The patient had lost all hope and had let themselves go in many ways; they were out of work, lost touch with family and had wanted to end it all.

Chiropractic was their last hope. After one adjustment, the pain was almost completely gone and each and every visit after the patient improved in some way; first general care of themselves and eventually to being off all medications and pain free! For years, all the medical tests had come back finding no reason for the pain, but without the skill of a Doctor of Chiropractic, no one ever looked for a subluxation. Clearing the subluxation of C1 in the neck made an instant difference because the vital nerve supply of the body had been interfered with until they received the adjustment.

Everyone, regardless of age or symptom, can benefit from chiropractic care because all of us have a nervous system that gives life and function to the body. Contact us today to begin your journey!

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