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Meet Dr. Jodi Spurback

Dr. Jodi SpurbackWhen Dr. Jodi Spurback was 15, her Mom had a disc injury to her back in which hospitalization and medication did not help. She finally took the advice of her sister to visit her chiropractor. Within a few treatments, she was pain free and totally functional again. Soon after that, her Mom began taking her for adjustments because she had been sick most of her life with allergies, asthma, and frequent colds and respiratory problems. She couldn’t participate in gym or swim and had reactions to many everyday normal environmental things.

Within a couple months of chiropractic care, my asthma was gone and the allergies were improving. To this day I can run and swim with no asthma and I’ve been able to lead a healthy lifestyle.”

Dr. Jodi went to the fountainhead of chiropractic, Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa and graduated in October of 2003. There, she was a member of the Sigma Phi Chi Professional Women’s Sorority and the ICA.

Outside the Office

Dr. Jodi has been married since 2006 to the love of her life Nick. She has three children, Hailey, Chase and Evan. She enjoys traveling, boating, outdoor activities, family movie nights, and Sunday dinners with their extended families. Dr. Jodi looks forward to welcoming you to Spurback Family Chiropractic. Get started today with gentle, effective chiropractic care – contact us to get started!

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